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class Sikademy {
public String printSikademy(){
System . out . println ("Learn to code in Java programming language on Sikademy!");
public class MainClass {
public static void main ( String [] args) {
Sikademy s = new Sikademy();
<? php
function printSikademy() {
echo "Learn to code in PHP programming language on Sikademy!";
def printSikademy()
puts "Learn to code in Ruby programming language on Sikademy!"
#include <iostream>
using namespace std ;
void printSikademy() {
cout << "Learn to code in C++ and C programming language on Sikademy!";
int main () {
return 0 ;
def printSikademy():
print ("Learn to code in Python programming language on Sikademy!")
< div id="demo" > You can web dev on Sikademy. </ div >
function printSikademy() {
document . getElementById ( "demo" ). innerHTML = "Hello, You can Learn HTML, JS and CSS on Sikademy.";

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