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Describe Konigsberg Bridge problem

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The Konigsberg Bridge Problem is a graph theory problem solved by Leonhard Euler to demonstrate that traversing all seven bridges of the Prussian city of Konigsberg in a continuous path without recrossing any bridge is impossible.

The answer of this problem is the number of bridges.

If you wish to walk across each bridge once and get to each area of Königsberg, Euler demonstrated that the number of bridges must be an even number, such as six instead of seven. Each bridge is viewed as an endpoint, or vertex in mathematical terminology, in the solution, while the connections between each bridge are viewed as nodes (vertex). Euler discovered that only an equal number of bridges allowed him to reach every section of the town without crossing a bridge twice. Euler used mathematics to show that crossing all seven bridges and seeing all of Königsberg in one day was impossible. He sparked a chain of discoveries and insights about how space and intersecting spaces may be defined, as well as their characteristics, by doing so.

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