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Let f be a function from the set A to the set B. Let S and T be two disjoint subsets of A (i.e S∩T=∅); then which of the following cannot be true: a) if f is invertible, then f(S)∩f(T)=∅ b) if f(S)∩f(T)≠∅, then f is a one-to-one function c) if f(S)∪f(T)⊆B, then f is an onto function d) none of the above

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f:A\rightarrow B

S,T \subset A, (S\cap T)=\phi

Option (c) is not true, Because if f(S)∪f(T)⊆B, Then fis not an onto function, As Set B is the union of these two function, So f is not an onto function.

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