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5.Let f be a function of A into B. If every member of B appears as the image of at least one element of A, then we say the function f is a.surjective functions b.constant function c.injective functions d.identity functions 6.Let f be a function of A into B, and let \\(b\\in B\\). Then \\(f^{-1}(b)=\\left \\{ x:x\\in A;f(x)=b \\right }\\)\n defines… a.injective functions b.constant function c.inverse function d.constant fnction

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5.By definition, a function from A to B is called surjective if for every member b from B there is at least one element a in A so that f(a)=b. So the answer is a);

6.A function f^{-1}(b), that finds all elements a in A so that f(a)=b, is called inverse function. So the answer is c);

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