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(a) Let S be a set, and define the set W as follows: Basis: ∅ ϵ W.Recursive Definition: If x ϵ S and A ϵ W, then {x} U A ϵ W. Provide an explicit description of W, and justify your answer.

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Let us show that W=\{A\subset S\ |\ A\text{ is finite }\}.

Let us prove using mathematical induction on the order of the elements of W.

Base case:

n=0\emptyset is a unique subset of S of order 0, and by defenition of W\emptyset\in W.

n =1: for each x\in S the singleton \{x\}=\{x\}\cup\emptyset\in W, and thus W contains all singletons.

Inductive step:

Assume that W contains all subsets A\subset S of cardinality |A|=k, and prove that it is also contains all subsets od cardinality k+1. Indeed, let B=\{x_1,...,x_k,x_{k+1}\} arbitrary subsets of cardinality k+1. Then by assumption, A=\{x_2,....x_{k+1}\}\in W, and consequently, B= \{x_{1}\}\cup A\in W.


Therefore, by Mathematical Induction  W=\{A\subset S\ |\ A\text{ is finite }\}.

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