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What is discrete mathematocs and application

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Discrete mathematics is a branch of mathematics that deals with the study of mathematical structures that can be counted, that are distinct and separable. It focuses on the systematic study of mathematical structures that are essentially discrete in nature and does not require the belief of continuity.

Branches of discrete mathematics include, graph theory, Number theory, Boolean algebra, probability theory, set theory among others.

Some of the applications of discrete mathematics are,

In computer algorithms.

Algorithms are rules by which a computer operates. These rules are created through the laws of discrete mathematics. It is because of discrete mathematical applications in algorithms that today’s computers run faster than ever before.

In logistics

Without discrete mathematics, logistics which is the study of organizing the flow of goods, information and services would not exist because logistics make heavy use of graphs and graph theory which is a sub-field of discrete math.

In designing password criteria.

Discrete math help in deciding how many possibilities are present to crack a password so that we can make more secure.

Also graph theory is used in DNA sequencing.

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