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Consider you are working as a developer in a software house “XYZ” and you have to develop a program that will detect the Real time objects by using the Camera. As a developer, you have to decide which programming paradigm would be feasible to design develop this system. Identify the programming paradigm from the list given below and justify your answer with proper reasons. Object Oriented Programming Paradigm Procedural Programming Paradigm Instructions: 1. You need to provide precise and to the point answer, avoid irrelevant details. 2. Material that is copied from the internet or another student will get zero marks. 3. You cannot participate in the discussion after the due date via email. 4. The GDB will open and close on specified date and time. Please note that NO grace day or extra time will be given for posting comments on GDB.

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Students have the responsibility of protecting their work from being used dishonestly. If another student makes use of your work even without your knowledge, you may still bear some responsibility for inadvertently helping another student to cheat. Your responsibility or exoneration would depend on how negligent you were about protecting your work. Certainly, if a student goes to great lengths to steal your work despite all reasonable precautions taken by you, you would not be found responsible for aiding a dishonest act. However, you should always keep your work to yourself as much as possible. Lending a friend a paper so that he can use it as a guide to writing his own, for instance, may implicate you in academic dishonesty if your friend uses your ideas, phrases, or passages in his paper, even if you never encouraged him to do so. It is never wise to share your work with others when collaboration is not allowed, and it is a violation of the Academic Honesty Policy to share completed assignments in a form that can be copied.

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