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1. Your task is to ask the user for a character input. 2. Then, include the cctype built-in library and call the toupper() function. In case you do not know what this function is, this function has the following definition: Return type - int Name - toupper Parameter - one integer which represents the ASCII of a character Description - returns the ASCII of the uppercase equivalent of the character passed Extra note - even though it's function definition in the C++ Programming Language Documentation is int toupper(int ch), you can just pass a normal char variable instead and this will just be automatically typecasted/converted to its integer equivalent. 3.Once you get the uppercase equivalent, print this out. Input 1. Letter to be updated

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using namespace std; int main() { char c; cout<<"\n\tEnter a character: "; cin>>c; c = toupper(c); cout<<"\n\tEquivalent ASCII of ("<<c<<") = "<<int(c); return(0); }

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