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Give at least 5 reasons why samples are used instead of population when conducting a research.

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The following reasons show why most researchers prefer using a sample

  1. It is time efficient: When a sample of a population is studied rather than the entire population, the procedure is much faster and more efficient.
  2. It's practical: Most studies try to draw conclusions regarding huge groups of people. These populations are far too huge to collect data from every single one of their constituents. Samples are representative of various groups and can be used to research them in a practical way.
  3. It's budget-friendly: Financial constraints apply to all investigations. A cost-effective approach of investigating a population is to survey an appropriate sample size.
  4. Some studies try to explore the interaction between certain groups of people, so they can be more representative of a population. Because only certain groups of people are surveyed in these studies, sampling can yield more accurate results.
  5. It's possible that it'll be more accurate than a census: A census of the entire population cannot always yield accurate information due to irregularities in responses or non-response bias. Instead, well chosen samples can yield more accurate population inferences

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