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In a recent study, it is found that a person in a city has a 40% chance of being infected by the flu virus. 20% of those who have been infected with the virus are symptoms free while 10% of those who are not infected show the symptoms. i) Draw a tree diagram to summarize the above information and label all necessary information, including the intersection probabilities.

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Let I be the event that a person is infected by flu virus. Its probability is p(I)=0.4I' is the event that a person is not infected with its probability, p(I')=1-p(I)=1-0.4=0.6

Let S be an event representing a person showing signs and S' is the event that an individual is symptoms free.

We are given the following conditional probabilities.


We can represent these information in the tree diagram below. The respective intersection probabilities are indicated on the right of the tree diagram

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