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As a team, we work together and strive to create amazing products and features that unlocks unlimited potential in everyone, anywhere, and anytime.

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Our core values

At Sikademy, not only do we appreciate talent and hard-work, we also cencourage creative thinking and the ability to come up with unique and simple way of doing things. Actually, we don't just encourage it, we celebrate, support, and thrive on it for the benefit of the entire Sikademy community.

Our core values include:

  • Love
  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Honesty
  • Fun
  • Team spirit

Why join us?

We are passionate and commited to creating great products that promotes learning


Fast growing startup company

We are on our way to great achievements and unmatched accomplishments.


Awesome teammates

You will be working alongside lovely and supportive individuals.


Be in control

As much as you are willing to display excellence and cooperation, you will be incharge of your creativity.


Never stop learning

Sikademy is a zone where learning is always on the to do list. You will always learn something new and different.


Work with latest trends

We are a very adaptive company. As a result, we make great effort upgrade and adapt to changes in technology and method of learning.


Double-edged workmanship

Eventhough we are passionate about creating an awesome learning platform, Sikademy is also business-oriented. We ignite the entrepreneurship spirit in every member of our team.


Job positions

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