Learn to Code Autonomous Self-Driving Car Using Python and Carla

Learn to code an autonomous self-driving car using python programming and Carla, an Open-source simulator for autonomous driving.

Created by: Archangel Macsika

Last Updated: June 4, 2023

Primary Language: English

Available Translation(s): None

Experience(s): Advance

What will I learn?

By completing this tutorial, you will learn to apply your skills in Python Programming and a little bit of real-life experience to set up an autonomous self-driving car while demonstrating the result using Carla. Learning how to do this means you will gain a fundamental understanding of the operations of autonomous self-driving cars. You will also gain knowledge and insight on some of the current self-driving car projects in the making. Additionally, you will be able to apply your own knowledge to code a more advanced autonomous self-driving car programs with the capacity to carry out real-life simulations with actual cars.

How will I learn it?

You will learn by following the tutorial structure from the introduction and setup to the very last step. This tutorial requires a full-hands on approach to programming and will be done entirely on your local machine.

Who is this meant for?

This tutorial is recommended for programming enthusiasts interested in autonomous self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, and how to apply knowledge of python to code advance programs.

What are the knowledge prerequisite to begin?

Intermediate to advance knowledge of python programming language. Carla autonomous car simulator.