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Introduction to Java Programming Language for Beginners

Tutorial 1 of 9 | 3 minutes read
Introduction to Java Programming Language for Beginners - Sikademy

Start Learning Java... A brief intro.

If you are reading this right now, there is a high chance that you have used a product or interacted with a product that runs on Java. This is because more than 3 billion devices run Java all around the world.

In this tutorial series, you will gain a complete understanding of the basics of Java programming language. You will find some examples as well as exercises in each tutorial to help ensure mastery of the concepts being taught.

What is Java?

Java is a popular high-level programming language made available in 1995 by Sun Microsystems, but currently owned and maintained by Oracle. It can be used for a host of things such as mobile applications (especially Android apps), desktop applications, web applications, web servers and application servers, games, database connection, and much more.

Why Use Java?

There is a general myth about Java Programming being difficult compared to other languages like Python, Ruby, and the likes. We would like to debunk such a myth and assure you that it is very easy to master the concept of programming in Java. When you complete this tutorial series, you will not only gain knowledge on the basics of Java programming language but also become knowledgeable about programming in general.

5 Reasons why you should learn Java programming language

  1. Being one of the most popular programming languages in the world, it is easy to learn and use. Also, it has huge community support, which means, you can always get help whenever you are stuck with a problem.

  2. Java programming language is available as an open-source project and free to use commercially.

  3. The programs written with Java programming language are platform-independent, which means, they work on different operating systems platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and even Raspberry Pi, etc.

  4. Java programming language is fast, secure, dynamic, portable, robust, and scalable with high performance. As a result, it is a very powerful programming language.

  5. It has an enormous amount of libraries and classes that can be used to solve several problems. Also, it is equipped with a (WORA) capability i.e. Write Once, Run Anywhere.

Tutorial Exercise

1. Find out the History of Java, who started the project, and its first use.

2. What is the current version of Java?

3. What is the meaning of WORA and how does it work?

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