Learn Python Programming: Best Python 3 Tutorials from Scratch

Learn programming using python to build web apps and manipulate data as well as broaden your programming knowledge.

Created by: Archangel Macsika

Last Updated: Aug. 15, 2022

Primary Language: English

Available Translation(s): None

Experience(s): Beginner

What will I learn?

By completing this tutorial, you'll learn the fundamental skills in Python Programming. Learning the essential and fundamental programming syntax and logic means you'll have the capacity to code basic to advance programs as well as take up advance tutorials. Also, since this can be a first language, an understanding of this tutorial will set you up to learn other languages with ease.

How will I learn it?

You will learn and run your Python 3 programs by setting up your computer. You will learn how to properly set up your computer to run python programs correctly. You will also learn about various IDEs and the one that will be the best fit for this tutorial series.

Who is this meant for?

This tutorial is designed for anyone with a zeal to learn to code from scratch using Python 3. Also, those who want to take their current programming skills to the next level.

What are the knowledge prerequisite to begin?

None. Python can be your first programming language.